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At Divorce Law Authority – our primary task is to aid you in understanding your options, and get you the best possible resolution in the shortest amount of time. We understand that once you have made the big decision to get a divorce, time is of the essence and you do not want to waste even a single second in the divorce process. Our experienced team of divorce attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are trained in giving the highest level of customer service. We’re not like other law firms that do not give you the amount of face-time you deserve, you’ll actually get to frequently come into our offices and receive personalised meetings regarding your case.

Divorce Law Authority consists of a team of highly qualified local Singaporean Divorce Lawyers. By going through years of family law, our team of attorneys specialise in all aspects of divorce and family law with additional expertise in the listed categories.

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Singaporean Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is and probably will always be an extremely stressful time in a person’s life. You’ll continuously face new setbacks and challenges that you did not expect. Even the most calm and agreeable separations could transform into angry and sad experiences. Divorce Law is far from Business Law, and requires a whole ton of emotional intelligence on the part of the lawyer, which is why Divorce Law Authority puts such a great emphasis into making the entire process as easy as it can be for you.

Our Expertise
  • General Negotiation
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Mediation
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Enforcement & Property Division
  • Collaborative Law
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Child Custody
  • Modifications
  • Seperation Agreement

Protect Your Family

If you are currently dealing with a marital case or on the verge of a marriage that may knock the doors of the court, it is a critical situation which needs to be taken care with fragility. When we talk about marital dispute cases, the first thing that comes to mind who is going to be our divorce lawyer in Singapore?

It is a tough decision to settle on a particular lawyer because it is a bit awkward to open up in front of a stranger about your marriage and you need someone who can get the relevant information he needs without embarrassing you or hurting your emotions in the process. The best family lawyer in Singapore knows the importance of these emotions and he will try to keep up your dignity at all times he is involved with you fighting your case. That is what we are all about – Compassion & Trust.

Household problems can run the gamut from simple separations to contentious divorces. Finances are almost continuously at stake, and in some cases, the physical well-being of a spouse, or even the children, is in danger as well. A family law attorney will certify that you and any youngsters, are well taken care of. This may mean a restraining order within the short term and proper spousal protection and payment in the long run.

Before a Divorce

Marital unhappiness will lead to all sorts of problems in life. From physical brawls to constant arguments. Having an unhappy marriage is never easy and you’re definitely not the first one to think about getting a divorce. So stay calm and assess your situation before making a permanent decision that will affect your life!

After a Divorce

Your life will probably improve drastically if you were experiencing severe martial unhappiness beforehand. We will do our best to ensure that you get what you deserve during the process of the divorce.

We are Experienced Family Lawyers

Involving a lawyer you don’t know is embarrassing, especially in the small state of Singapore and when your case is about your marriage. It requires you to unravel details of the events that led to one or both the partners agreeing to a divorce.

Obviously, it is going to be ugly by sharing those times with any lawyer, having an experienced lawyer will let you keep your dignity as they will understand most of the things even before you saying it. 

We will save you plenty of time and unnecessary stress

Dealing with any household issue is implausibly time-consuming and stressful. A recent study by the American Bar Association showed that respondents researching a divorce or proceeding reported an urgent drop in their stress levels once hiring a family law professional to help them with their state of affairs.

In conjunction with scaling down on your stress, an attorney, also, frees up some time for you to focus on completely different needs, like your kids or your job. Which are critical to you and your life’s happiness.

The Divorce Attorney you need

We make the entire process as frustration-free as possible

Divorce Law Authority has compassionate lawyers that totally understood the reasons behind my divorce. They conducted the proceedings with experience and poise, made it a much better experience than I could ever expect.

James SmithFather of Two

The team at Divorce Law Authority calculated the divorce maintenance payments with fairness, and fought for my alimony. Kudos to you guys, saved my life.

Evelyn ChoHR Manager

I should have contacted these guys sooner. A process that dragged on for months with my previous lawyers got resolved within weeks! These guys are the real deal.

Daniel TanEntrepreneur

Getting the divorce mediation settled with ease was the biggest plus factor here, they managed to communicate all my needs and fight for my rights at every single meeting. Appreciate the hard work.

Kimberly CrawfordDance Instructor

Effective lawyering

through the compassionate

understanding of our clients

problems and fears

But first, we feel it’s our responsibility to ask you the question of:

Should you get divorced?

You promised ’til death do us part, but now you’re having doubts if this thing called marriage is really worth it. Maybe it’s your partners’ escalating cheating habits. Or he or she is disturbingly lazy, or you have been suffering from physical abuse. Whatever the issue may be, you’re contemplating whether it’s time already just to call it quits and get divorced. But how you do you answer the big question whether you’re really ready for a divorce?

Divorce is probably among the easiest methods of escape for a couple who are in search of a solution to their marital problems and a working answer to their frustration and pain, yet among the most hurtful and agonizing decisions, a couple can ever make. Research in some scenarios shows that a couple who ended their troubled marriage by divorce were not any happier compared to those who stayed in marriage and tried to work out things between themselves.

If you’re contemplating on filing for divorce, I would advise you to read this article to know clearly what you are signing up for before you make a decision that could cost you even more.

To decide whether or not to proceed to get a divorce from your partner, one needs to ask him or herself a few questions on the effect of the decision he or she is about to make. The following are some of the major issues you need to consider checking before proceeding to file a divorce:

What Is the Divorce Process in Singapore?

It is highly advisable to consult your divorce lawyer on what options you have and what the whole process entails. How is the divorce process done? What fees are you expected to pay? In other situations, divorce lawyers assist clients who are dealing with abusive marriages so as to get out of them and get the right protection they need during the divorce process.

What will the divorce mean to the Kids?

Among the biggest factors, people agonize about is what is going to happen to their children if they had any after the divorce. How are the kids going to be affected? You should discuss this with your divorce lawyer deeply before making the decision. Get to know what is going to happen, what is unlikely to happen and what are the limitations here. Find out more about things like child support, custody and even and your kid’s special needs. Your attorney plays a vital role in achieving your kid’s best interests.

What divorce will mean to you financially?

It is very important to consider the financial implications that your divorce will bring you. Believe me; it is not easy for anyone to make this kind of change in life. Before making the decision, you may need to consider how you’re going to care for yourself after. Who is going to receive what assets? What’s likely to happen to your home? Who is going to have to pay alimony? All these questions will be addressed by us; we’ll be right here with you to solve them – together.


I wouldn’t like to seem to be biased on one side of the coin in this whole issue of divorce. If you feel and you’re most certain that you’re done with him or her, it most certainly possible to successfully file for a divorce and get one. However, it is not easy, and it is most certainly going to cost you.

Some people are not ready to make a decision. It is normal, and that’s where divorce lawyers come in. You don’t have to worry about what are the stakes here. You can always discuss this issues with the lawyers at Divorce Law Authority and finally decide on whether to proceed or not with filling for a decision.

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