Divorce Costs in Singapore for 2017 (And why it’s going to be expensive)

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Divorce in Singapore is the legal dissolution of marriage by a court or other competent body.

A divorce may be instigated by one or both parties. On average, 41% of couples that get married in the US get divorced, much lesser in Singapore but still a decent percentage. Divorce has truly become a very common thing. However, despite it being very common, divorces can be very expensive and costly especially if a divorce gets drawn out for a long period. It may be cheaper (and probably healthier) to try to fix a marriage before resulting in divorce.

While getting married can be very cheap (in some cases as low as $5), statistics show that on average, divorces may cost someone anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000 and can even go higher. More often than not the reason why divorces become expensive is that both parties are unable to come to an agreement on how to split up their assets.

There are several factors that can make divorces very expensive. These include court costs, mediation costs, the complexity of the reasons for divorce, battle for custody of children, debts and marital assets, real estate fees and spousal and child support.

To file for divorce, you will need to pay the respective filing fees (there area also a ton of divorce forms in Singapore that have to be filled up). Filing for divorce usually costs up to $400 just for the standard services, without lawyer fees included. These are just the filing fees alone. You also have to remember that you will still be paying for the consultation and per hour rate of your divorce attorney. Depending on how long and protracted a divorce will take, the fees involved can rack up and can become very hefty in the span of just a few months. So the more complex your situation is with your spouse, or, the more you take your time deciding on different matters, the longer it will take and the more expensive it becomes.

Usually when one gets married, the law provides that properties and other assets now have join ownership. This means that one cannot simply touch a piece of property or asset without the express consent of others. This particularly can cause couples to argue about every little thing and the longer it takes, the more money you have to shell out to your attorney.

Then there’s the matter of child support. Often couples argue over who keeps the children after a divorce, but that also means that a couple may demand child support. More often than not women request this as they are usually the ones who end up taking care of the children. This cost of having to support your children on a single income can be tough.

The settlement between a couple can be as much as in the millions, especially for the wealthy and high profile couples. Let’s also not forget the costs incurred after the divorce is final as you will need to re-establish your life. You need to take into account moving expenses and setting up expenses if you want to start fresh. You may need new health insurance or government IDs. Some may even feel the need for therapy after a really bad divorce.

A long protracted divorce can be costly from the filing of the divorce, the lawyer’s fees, child support, and even expenses for starting over again. So before you decide that you want to have a divorce, perhaps it’s best to reconsider trying to fix your marriage as it is cheaper to save a marriage than to destroy it.

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